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So, I've been keeping a big secret from you guys.

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Sofia the First

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Sofia the First Birthday Princess Personalized Custom T Shirt Iron on Transfer Decal #4. CUSTOM IRON ON TRANSFER Iron on transfers are a cost effective way to personalize and customize your clothing. The garment you use does not have to be a T shirt, it can be of any item, i.e. T shirts sweatshirt, cotton Jeans (recommended to use Dark fabric transfer unless white jeans) Tote bag, .

Really wish it was a more popular show so we could see more cosplay done with such lovely outfits. Photoshoot stuff will come eventually. Better later than never. Cedric the Sorcerer - Sofia the First Cosplayer: JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Sofia the First Princess Sofia princess amber cool hand fluke cute outfit cartoon disney. Sofia the First Disney cosplay. The raven fluttered his wings, perching himself on Cedric's shoulder. Lydia scrunched her nose, able to see the raven smiling. Cedric placed his thumb and finger to her chin, titling her head up so to marvel at her anger. I'd like to stamp your name on your prison papers. Lydia snapped her fingers.

Eezeyal swooped down from the rafters as well, perching himself on Lydia's head, wishing to even the odds. It's a wizard's cloak!

Lydia folded her arms and turned her back with a haughty scoff. Reaching into his sleeve he drew a wand. Flickering it animatedly, tinkling sparkles flickered around the wand tip. Lydia saw the wand and swallowed nervously. Lydia reached into her coat, drawing her wand as well.

Flourishing it, a tiny white stream flowed through the air. Lydia and Cedric squared their feet, tightening their grips on their wands. Lydia and Cedric froze. The magic on the wand tips quickly died down. The two turned and saw a man with glasses standing behind Lydia. Lydia swallowed another nervous lump, finding herself about to be in huge trouble. She drilled a punch into his ribs, making his release her wrist.

Bailywick's eyes skimmed the letter with the utmost scrutiny. He would glance to Lydia and back to the letter, trying to assess and connect her relation. She knelt to the ground, gathering her bags.

Lydia shook her head, showing she can handle it. Shall we go and see them? The sorcerer huffed in insult. Lydia happily followed after Bailywick, her smile beaming. Eezeyal landed on her head again, purring happily.

Cedric growled in the back of his throat. Wormwood perched on his shoulder, cawing venomously. Turning on his heels Cedric stomped off. Wormwood turned his head to Lydia and Eezeyal, sneering his beak.

Wormwood gaped in disbelief. Cedric came to an abrupt halt and whipped around. Lydia and Bailywick vanished beyond a door. Cedric tapped his chin, curious as to why she addressed Wormwood. Cedric heard Wormwood caw under his breath. Amber and Sofia set their books down, finishing their work as well. The three siblings rubbernecked, trying to see what he was reaching for. Their eyes widened when they saw Roland pull out a tray of cookies.

Roland sighed heavily with guilt. Sofia, James, and Amber cheered, taking the tray to the table. A young girl with brown hair and blue eyes entered the room with her bags. Lydia dropped her bags and knelt down. Lydia spun Sofia around, the two laughing giddily. Who was this girl? The three hugged each other close. Miranda caressed Lydia's face, moving strands of hair from her eyes.

Amber and James were taken aback by how close Lydia and Sofia seemed. They've never seen their new sister so…happy. I'm sorry I missed your ball. A whiskered owl landed on her shoulder, tapping his foot. Amber and James chuckled in charm of the Owl. Amber and Sofia led Lydia out by the hand while James pushed her from behind. It was nice to see those three lively.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Sofia the First. After seven long years, Lydia, an ambitious Sorceress and older sister to Sofia, has returned to Enchancia. Come to live her family - old and new. Her presence has Cedric fuming.

And, so long as he threatens her family, Lydia intends to stay there. No matter what the Royal Sorcerer has to throw at her. Chapter 1 A Family Reunion This will be my first fic for this series, and a way to allow it to be seen in the categories. The coachman nodded with an approving smile. If you don't mind my asking. Lydia fumed in her mind. Lydia stroked her earring.

I took the earliest carriage to get here. How can I say no? A Family Reunion 2. Sorceress In Training 3. First attempt - Failed 4.

Second Attempt - Challenge Accepted 5. Duel of the Sorcerers Round 1 7. Duel of the Sorcerers Round 2 8. The First Sign 9. Duel of the Sorcerers Round 3 The Stage is Set Learn to do It Clearing Hurdles Part 1 Clearing Hurdles Part 2 Strength of Will Heads in the Game A Night Out Words Above Sorcery Quite the Pair UN-divided, Not Conquered


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