Men’s Blazers – What to Wear With a Navy Blazer

Apart from standing out in a sea of black and white, one of the big advantages of going for a midnight blue dinner suit is that under artificial light (whether of the flashbulb or overhead variety.

I had recently purchased a midnight blue tuxedo for my school graduation in my country we dont do the whole gown and hat thing and I have decided to pair it with a black trouser and a white tuxedo shirt. If you wore a black or midnight blue pocket square it would just blend in and become pointless. June 28, at 9: You should too, Brian.

May 22,  · For Tuxedos, Blue Is the New Black. Image. (“Dinner jacket” is preferred by fancy folks.) “If not black, then midnight blue, and as clean and simple as possible, very little if.
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You will be required to wear a black or midnight blue dinner jacket with either peaked or shawl lapels. You can choose from either single, or double breasted – .
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Tailored from a soft velvet in a dark green and blue plaid pattern, this dinner jacket is ideal for special occasions. It features a satin notch lapel and satin details at the pockets% Clean Only.

Brown, with its more rustic and rural associations, is not formal enough to be worn with a tuxedo. If they are wearing gray suits, however, brown shoes are fair game. Black tie tradition says that tuxedos should be worn with some sort of waist covering, either a cummerbund or a waistcoat vest. This black tie rule is often broken and, to be honest, even among the Black Lapel stylist team we have different opinions.

Our advice for you: I really like a Ted Baker Navy shawl tuxedo but am unsure if a shawl lapel is formal enough. I believe i know you answer to this but i will ask.

My fiance has an designer ivory dress, could I where an ivory bowtie or stick to a Black bowtie? Stick to a black bow tie , Derek. The color of the tie is the foundation of the dress code, black tie. White tie is another level up the formality ladder and should be worn with tails. No knock on those other guys, but we know a thing or two about how to make a great wedding tux. Peak lapels can create a jarring change from black satin on the lapel to the colored fabric of the collar.

The result is it can look like the lapels were attached as an afterthought as you can see in this photo from the Oscars a few years ago. This lighter blue tuxedo is great for warm weather affairs. I decided to go with a midnight blue tuxedo for my upcoming wedding Summer I agree with all of the tips provided! I do have one question. Before I ask my question I want to give you a visual description: I think the pants without the braid makes the tuxedo look like a nice jacket with a pair of slacks.

Please let me know what you think would look nice for my wedding tuxedo! Your instincts are correct, Xavier. There are a few things that set apart formal trousers from dress slacks: Formal pants never have cuffs to keep the leg opening crisp and clean.

Formal pants never have belt loops because a belt with a tuxedo is a no-no. Instead, hold these pants up with formal suspenders. The most noticeable of these details that make formal pants formal is the first one. If your dinner jacket came from us at Black Lapel , you can order formal pants in the matching Midnight Blue by special request. Just email us at concierge blacklapel. Would it be so terrible if I use suspenders?

Hi, my 14 year old is going to a black tie event. His suit jacket is more royal blue than navy, but it has the black evening style lapel. His trousers are the same blue but have no side stripe. Is this suit ok?

Should I buy him black evening trousers with the stripe instead to go with the blue jacket? Should I give up with this all together and buy him a new tux?

If so, im seeing navy which sounds ok reading above midnight blue comments and even grey. Are either of these colours acceptable? As you saw in the article, there is a pictured model wearing royal blue trousers below a royal blue jacket, and we think that looks great!

I am planning to get a midnight blue tux with a matching cummerband, i presume shirt should be white and a midnight blue bow tie? Black shoes as well? Let me know if ive gone wrong somewhere , look forward to your advise. Sbohld I have requested black lapels? Should I wear a black tie with the navy lapels, or a navy tie? Also planning on dark nlue slippers. As the name of our company suggests, we prefer black lapels here at Black Lapel. Traditionally, the color of the tie is significant. Black tie is less formal than the extremely formal white tie, which is rare and usually reserved for monumental events like coronations and Nobel Prize ceremonies.

Speaking of bending the rules, as we said in the second section above, the dark blue slipper is a sharp move that we wholeheartedly endorse. I am wearing an ivory dinner jacket and already own black velvet slippers. Can I wear midnight blue pants with black velvet shoes? Does the bow tie need to match the pants or the shoes? Why is this important? Black tie etiquette may have loosened up over the years, but the color of the tie still carries meaning. A black tie denotes the level of formality, setting a tuxedo apart from business or cocktail attire a suit and neck tie or a more formal dress code like white tie, which should be reserved for things like coronations and Nobel Prize ceremonies and includes a coat with tails.

Also the combination of ivory dinner jacket and midnight blue pants is a bit incongruous. Then the black shoes would be the logial choice. There will also be a satin stripe on the pocket and down the side of each pant leg.

What colour shoes and bow tie should I wear? The groomsmen are wearing royal blue suits. If brown is the best colour, what shade should I wear? Take your cues from how we styled the Royal Blue tuxedo in these photos. With black tie, a lot of the rules have been relaxed, but wearing black tie still demands that you wear an actual black tie. As for the shoes, black is traditional, but as we said in Rule 2 above, blue is the more distinctive option.

That would lessen the formality drastically and be a major faux pas. So for my prom, I am wearing a Royal Navy tux with black pants. We say stick with black for the bow tie. Stick with the bow tie, Gary. Though your beard will cover the bow tie, a bow tie is implied by the the black-tie getup.

Thanks for a great and concise article. Are the shoes in question black or oxblood? The addition of a somewhat random color will look kind of…well…random. That creates the cohesive outfit that is black tie. I have been thinking about my tux, and which options to wear. Some of the most stylish variations on tuxedos come from warm weather black tie affairs. The whole idea of doing a non-matching dinner jacket grew out of the interest in keeping cool. Dinner jackets made with lighter colors and mohair and silk fibers were first seen at Palm Beach weddings of the rich and famous back in the day and led to all sorts of experimentation.

My wedding is in June this year, and my groomsmen and I will be rocking navy tuxedos, come hell or high water. My question is this: I am of the opinion that they are; other, e.

Yet even grown men still ought to listen to their mothers sometimes. This is one of those times. Black shoes, Tom, are your best option. The blue slippers we highlighted above are a sharp alternative but brown is never an alternative.

The lapels, the tie and the satin on the side of the pants are all black. Suddenly introducing a stray color like brown to the mix would look out of place. Plus, technically a black tie affair is urbane if not urbane and brown shoes are considered too rustic for such an affair.

Stick with black or navy shoes. I am wearing a navy blue peak lapel tuxedo to a wedding, what color bow tie, and shoes? Black tie is called black tie for a reason, Johnny. Blue formal slippers in velvet are a rakishly stylish look. Hi black lapel, I am attending a black tie event for a work function there will be a lot of older men at this function, I was wondering if a royal blue tux would single me out too much from everyone else? Regardless of what others think, you should wear what you like best on you.

So for my girlfriends party New Years Eve I found this awesome royal blue tuxedo jacket. Only difference is that it is velvet instead of the traditional material but still has the black lapels. Since it does have more of a casual look than a standard royal blue tuxedo jacket; I was thinking of going with that and still wearing a white dress shirt with black slacks but a royal blue ascot istead of a bowtie and black brouge wingtiped derbys instead of oxfords.

What do you think of the outfit? Like most of the other gentlemen here, I have an upcoming wedding that I am hoping to get a list minute detail answered. I am wearing a midnight blue tuxedo with the stud button french cuff shirt and suspenders. I was originally planning on no cummerbund or vest, however after reading this it appears as though I should do the cummerbund.

With that in mind, are there more slim cummerbund options? All the cummerbunds I have seen are fairly large, which I feel would look odd on me since I am slender guy. A cummerbund should be adjustable in the back to fit your waist.

The point of a cummerbund is to cover your stomach below the button of your jacket. As the guys over at the style site, Put This On pointed out recently this is a problem for a lot of guys when wearing suits.

Wearing a cummerbund with a suit, would be strange. Wearing one with a tuxedo just makes you fully dressed. Makes total sense, thank you for the explanation. One thing I could have been more clear on though, was that I was referencing the width of the portion that goes across the front. Are there different sizes for that? Try Brooks Brothers or J. Crew for sized ones. Then they are adjustable on top of that, so you can dial them in to fit you. As our name suggests, we believe dinner jackets should have black lapels.

The black tie color palette may include more than just black and white items but not all at the same time. The more colors you include in your black tie outfit, the less power the whole ensemble has. Our advice about the combination you described: Either go with a Royal Blue dinner jacket with black lapels and black pants or keep the dinner jacket and go with dark blue pants. You should too, Brian. When it comes to menswear and colors, less really is more.

I am wearing a black tux to an event coming up but want to buy a pair of velvet slippers. They have some pretty extravagant colored slippers available and I cant decide which color I would like or if I should go with black? Specifically, do navy slippers work with a black tux? The look ends up muddled. We recommend that the slippers be black.

If the tux is black, the accessories should be so that they look loud by comparison. Wanted to get your guys advice regarding my midnight blue tuxedo. I gotta wedding coming up and I want to wear a neck tie not a bow tie with my tux is that a no-no? Also I love the brown tan shoes wtih the navy suit is that not the case with blue tux and black lapels? Will the car still run? Sure, but it throws the look off. As for the shoe color, our answer is similar.

The strength of black tie comes from its simplicity. Introducing another, somewhat random, color into the outfit with your shoes will make them stick out. Black shoes echo something else in the outfit and are a smart choice. They add interest, but still echo some other part of the outfit and keep things cohesive.

We even put together a guide on how to do it. Check out our story on going Beyond Black Tie for ideas and inspiration. So wedding is coming up next month. Got a textured midnight blue tux jacket with black lapel and black trousers from Carolina Herrera.

Thoughta for tie and pocket square? Going black on shoes, but also what about shirt? Studs or no studs… Minds you the jacket texture stands out alot on its own. Do you hear that, Cameron? Black tie accessories are pretty straightforward. Specifically, you should go with a black bow tie And a white silk pocket square is appropriate for a formal outfit. When it comes to the shirt, your choice is your preference.

You can get any Black Lapel tuxedo shirt made with holes for studs instead of buttons. We will offer this bit of guidance, though: If you do go with studs, you should plan to wear either a proper waist covering. Waist covering, either a waistcoat or a cummerbund, is an essential part of a formal outfit because it keeps you from flashing and unsightly white triangle of shirt fabric at the bottom of your jacket.

They stop at the waist. We hope this helps, Cameron, but feel free to email one of our stylists at concierge blacklapel. Hi — owner of a midnight blue tuxedo and I love it. No reason to go out and rent a black tux.

Nor is there any reason for you to feel self conscious about wearing your midnight blue tux when others are wearing black. When it comes to style, we agree with Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The only thing to fear is fear itself. Hello there Black Lapel — love your work! As an upcoming groom for a black tie wedding, I am torn between wearing a tailor made midnight blue, shawl collared tux OR a black, peak lapelled tux.

The reason for the dilemma is that my groomsmen will all be wearing the latter, and I am conscious it might look a bit odd if I am not dressed uniformly for pictures etc. Black shoes and a black bow tie will be worn by all of us. Any advice would be much appreciated.

What will make you look your best on the big day. Look out for an email from a Black Lapel stylist shortly. Just got my midnight blue tuxedo for my wedding. What accessories finishedgo for? Bridesmaids will be in blue dresses and silver dresses. Do I go for silver now tie and waistcoat or cummerbund? Or just a black now tie and blue waistcoat?

Black tie still requires a bit of restraint when it comes to the accessories. We recommend that the bow ties for everyone be black. Black tie sets the level of formality. One level up would be white tie like you see at the Nobel Prize ceremony and at coronations and other extremely formal affairs. The same goes for the cummerbund. But the thing is, blue tuxedos are almost as old and traditional as black tie itself. So even though we showed some pretty modern takes on the tux, we can still answer perhaps the most important question in classic menswear in the affirmative: Would Cary Grant wear it?

If not, be careful, you may be skating on thin ice. The bridesmaids will be wearing very light ice blue dresses. I was originally thinking gray suits for my groomsmen and I but I really like the formal, classical look of black tuxes.

Would black tuxes look ok with their very light blue dresses? Also, I was thinking of maybe wearing a blue jacket with black pants to stand out from my groomsmen.

A Black Lapel stylist will contact you directly to learn more about your situation and provide you with answers.

Winter wedding this coming January. Considering midnight blue tux with black bowtie, french cuff fly front shirt and brown shoes. I love the look of the 3 piece but my fiancé loves suspenders.

Suggestions for midnight blue vest vs suspenders? Perhaps you could come to a compromise with your fiance too. Maybe wear the suspenders of her choice during the ceremony and for pictures, but then change into a vest for the reception when your jacket is likely to come off to dance, eat, etc.

One last suggestion for your outfit: We are getting married at a resort in Hawaii in February. We were originally thinking a gray suit would be perfect, but my fiance is now leaning towards wanting to wear a midnight blue tux.

Thanks for your help! The tux is certainly appropriate for your groom, but it is going to dress everything up a bit. This means the groomsmen should be a little more formal too and coordinate with the groom without stealing his thunder.

If your fiance was wearing a black tux, we would recommend medium to dark gray suits for the groomsmen. Both of these suits will match with the bridesmaids and pull everyone and everything together. Im supposed to be toastmaster in a wedding this weekend. I have a very dark blue Shawl Lapel Velvet Blazer, with black formal pants, black bowtie, and a shirt like to the left in the pic.

I have a little struggle with shoes. I have a black, very formal pair and i got a pair of burgundy formal loafers. Should i drop the loafers, and Go black? Burgundy formal loafers sound dope, but better to stick with black for this ensemble.

I let my Groomsmen pick their suites and they went for the suit on the next link, what colour bowtie do you recommend? Also please note that the bridesmaids are wearing blush dresses and thought of making the guys wear a very light pint shirt will that be a bad idea?

Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Kuda. We dig your tux look. In terms of your groomsmen, matching them to your bridesmaids was a good thought.

Do you think this would go along or should I avoid wearing a cummerband? This sounds like a pretty swank get up to us. You also have the option of wearing a waistcoat if you so choose. Just make sure in both cases that the silk matches up perfectly with your lapel and bow tie.

Would wearing a black cummerband with the royal blue trouser look a mismatch. No, the black silk cummerbund will match your black silk lapels and black bow tie. On cold days, you will appreciate the added warmth of cavalry twills, while in the summer heat linen pants are a cool and comfortable choice to wear with a blazer.

Moving on to dress shirts , as said above a button-down oxford is the classic blazer companion. Besides solids, a broad variety of stripes and checks, including many that would look garish with a suit, mix well with a blazer. For a more casual look, go with a long-sleeve polo shirt or a turtleneck, depending on the climate.

Look to own sweaters made from wool or cashmere; they do an excellent job of retaining heat and do not add considerable bulk. The V-neck worn over a tie may also be patterned or textured, but can be solid as well.

A quick note on sweater color and pattern — I am an advocate of muted patterns and colors when it comes to knitwear — sweaters that scream with loud color and pattern are too memorable and limited in a wardrobe rotation.

Blues, greens, browns, and other natural tones complement almost any man, match well with a wide range of clothing to include the navy blazer, and are easy to find.

Matching Neckties, Pocket Squares, and Belts with a Navy Blazer Finally, a few words on neckwear and accessories that should be worn with a navy blazer. Look to keep the tie you wear with a navy blazer sporty; woven silks in polka dots, bold stripes, and other simple patterns do this grandly, as do knits of silk or wool. The bow tie with white shirt and blue blazer looks sophisticated on the few men who know precisely how and when to wear it, but goofy on most everyone else.

Traditionally, half- Wellington boots were worn with mess dress and mess undress, but today shoes are more common. The optional outer garment worn with evening dress is the boat cloak , which is a knee-length navy blue cloak lined with white silk, with four gilt buttons, and fastened at the neck with two gilt lions' heads joined with a chain.

Miniature medals are worn with both mess dress and mess undress, though previously medal ribbons only were worn with mess undress on routine occasions, such as by the officer of the day. Officers who are members of orders of chivalry wear their stars and ribbons as appropriate. Mess uniforms first appeared in the British Army in about , initially utilizing the short "shell jacket" worn since This working jacket was worn open over a regimental waistcoat for evening dress.

Immediately after World War II the cheaper "blue patrols" were worn for several years as mess dress, but by the traditional uniforms had been readopted.

The formal designation of the most commonly worn mess uniform in the British Army is "No. The form varies according to regiment or corps, but generally a short mess jacket is worn, which either fastens at the neck being cut away to show the waistcoat , this being traditionally the style worn by cavalry regiments and other mounted corps , [18] or is worn with a white shirt and black bow tie traditionally the usual style for unmounted regiments, corps, and services.

The colours of mess jackets and trousers reflect those of the traditional full dress uniforms of the regiments in question, as worn until at least Jackets are, therefore, usually scarlet, dark blue, or rifle green, with collars, cuffs, waistcoats, or lapels in the former facing colours of the regiments in question.

In the case of those regiments which have undergone amalgamation, features of the former uniforms are often combined. Waistcoats are often richly embroidered, though with modern modifications, such as a core of cotton for gold cording instead of the thick gold cord [22] which made these items very expensive prior to World War II. Non-commissioned officers' mess dress is usually simpler in design, but in the same colours as officers of their regiment.

Most British Army regiments' mess dress incorporates high-waisted, very tight trousers known as overalls, the bottoms of which buckle under leather Wellington or George boots. Ornamental spurs are usually worn by cavalry regiments and corps that traditionally were mounted; some other regiments and corps prescribe spurs for field officers , since in former times these officers would have been mounted. The Rifles do not wear spurs at any rank, following Light Infantry traditions since historically no Light Infantry officer rode on horseback.

Blue and various shades of red or green are the most common colours for the cummerbund. Trousers or overalls are the same as in No. Female officers and soldiers wear mess jackets in a pattern similar to those of their male counterparts over dark-coloured ankle-length evening dresses. Black hand bags may be carried, and black evening shoes are worn. For the most formal white tie occasions, such as state dinners, court balls and royal evening receptions, a white bow tie is worn with a white waistcoat No.

For all other evening events, a black bow tie with a mid-blue waistcoat No. Cummerbunds of a particular squadron or unit design may also be worn. Among Scottish-based units, a kilt of grey Clan Douglas tartan was initially authorised, but the recently approved official RAF tartan is now authorised. The tartan, designed in , was officially recognised by the Ministry of Defence in This dress is referred to as No.

For women, mess dress currently consists of the same style high-waisted blue-grey single-breasted jacket and white marcella shirt as men, a small bow tie and cummerbund, and a straight ankle-length blue-gray skirt, worn with patent-leather court shoes and barely-black tights or stockings. Unlike the gentlemen officers' jacket, which has a pointed lapel , the ladies' jacket features a shawl collar.

From the s and prior to the introduction of current women's mess dress in , female officers wore a royal blue Empire line dress made of crimplene material with a loose mandarin neck, long sleeves, and an ankle length hem. Rank was indicated on a small enamelled brooch worn near the neck.

Police officers may wear mess dress to formal dinners if appropriate, but is it most typically worn by officers who have achieved the rank of Superintendent or above. The mess dress of the Metropolitan Police is dark blue with black cuffs and a black 'roll' collar having an embroidered badge Brunswick star on each lapel. That of the Commissioner includes a two-inch oak leaf lace strip on the trousers and a set of aiguillettes.

The use of mess dress in the United States Uniformed Services is a more recent trend, which started in the early 20th century. In , when the U. Army adopted its last standing collar blue uniform for full dress, a modified form of civilian tail coat was also introduced for evening dress, worn with a white tie and vest. This was known as the special uniform for evening wear.

At the same time, a mess uniform resembling the British pattern was authorized for less formal evening occasions. The short mess jacket was either dark blue or white, according to climate. After the blue jacket included lapels in branch color yellow for cavalry, red for artillery, light blue for infantry, and so on.

The individual officer could wear full dress or either of the evening dress alternatives for social functions. In view of the expense involved, it was usually senior officers who appeared in mess or evening dress uniforms. While the blue full dress was worn from to by all ranks for ceremonial parades within the continental United States, the two optional evening uniforms were authorized only for officers. The various blue uniforms ceased to be worn after However, the white mess uniform for commissioned and warrant officers was authorized again in In , wearing of the full range of blue dress uniforms was authorized for all ranks, but only when off duty, and at the expense of the individual.

In practice, this meant that only the pre mess uniform, and to a lesser extent the special evening wear, reappeared in significant numbers. After World War II, the evening dress and mess dress uniforms were reintroduced, with the tail coat having a single Austrian knot trefoil over the branch-of-service color general officers had stars over an oak leaf braid , with the rank placed in the bottom opening of the knot.

The mess jacket, intended for black-tie occasions, used an Austrian knot rank system with the branch insignia at the bottom. The number of knots indicated the officer's rank: This complicated system was replaced with the evening coat style in , using a single knot and the rank placed above the branch-of-service color. A white mess jacket for summertime wear was introduced in the s. The "special evening dress" tails was finally abolished in , although officers already in possession of this uniform could continue to wear it until It is common for soldiers to wear suspenders in their branch color with the army dress uniform trousers, although they are concealed under the coat.

Miniature medals are suspended on ribbons one half the width of their normal counterparts, and are worn on the left lapel. Exceptions to the miniature medals are the Medal of Honor , the Presidential Medal of Freedom although the PMF also includes an optional miniature version , and authorised foreign neck-borne decorations e.

Individual and unit awards that consist of ribbons only are not worn on the mess uniform. Miniature versions of combat and special skill badges are worn above the miniature medals, along with miniature versions of Ranger and Special Forces shoulder tabs , made of enamelled metal.

Regimental distinctive insignia is worn on the right lapel. The lapels of enlisted mess uniforms are uniformly dark blue, rather than utilizing a branch color. Enlisted rank insignia is worn on the sleeve in the same manner as on the service uniform tunic. Below, on both sleeves, are long service stripes in place of the shorter stripes used on the service uniform. The same longer service stripes were worn on both sleeves of the blue dress uniform tunic until the blue dress uniform was reconfigured to be the Army's service uniform and replace the green service uniform.

In the s and s, the U. Air Force formal uniform consisted of a civilian black tailcoat with added military sleeve braid and rank insignia.

It could be worn as either a black tie or white tie combination. Due to the tails, it was not considered a mess dress uniform. Air Force mess dress consisted of a short black jacket with black trousers, with a white jacket for summer wear. The jackets had satin lapels with matching satin sleeve braid.

It entered service in the s and was phased out in the s. It is still sometimes worn by retired officers. The current mess dress is similar in cut and tailoring, but in a dark blue color for year-round wear.

The current pattern was introduced in and is also similar to the Royal Air Force design, except that the coat and trousers are dark blue. Dark blue bow ties and dark blue cummerbunds are used for black-tie affairs, and white bow ties with white waistcoats for white-tie affairs.

Silver-trimmed shoulder boards and silver sleeve braid are worn rather than rank braids enlisted members wear sleeve rank insignia instead of shoulder boards, and no silver sleeve braid , along with silver buttons. No hat is worn. General officers have solid silver shoulder boards and wider silver sleeve braid. Enlisted members also have the option to wear the semi-formal uniform, essentially an issued service dress with a white shirt substituted for the blue shirt, but many non-commissioned officers elect to purchase a mess dress.

Women's mess dress uniforms have a long skirt replacing the trousers and delete the button chain clasp for the coat. The United States Marine Corps mess dress uniforms date from the late 19th century. The uniform coat of commissioned and warrant officers is fastened at the neck, similar to that of the dress blue uniform, but is cut away, "cavalry-style", to expose the white dress shirt and scarlet cummerbund general officers have a scarlet vest with small gold buttons.

This version is known as evening dress "B," and is equivalent to formal "black tie" civilian attire. Officers all ranks may wear, in lieu of the scarlet cummerbund or vest, a white vest for white tie events known as the evening dress "A" uniform, and equivalent to "white tie" civilian attire for the most formal occasions such as a State Dinner or Presidential Inauguration Ball.

Officer rank, in gold or silver wire, is embroidered directly on the shoulder epaulettes, which are bordered with gold wire and scarlet piping. The collar and cuffs are also bordered in gold wire and scarlet, bearing a quatrefoil for warrant officers and company-grade officers , a single row of oak leaves for field officers , and a double row of oak leaves for general officers.

The uniform is completed with midnight blue trousers with gold and red stripes, with an optional boat cloak of dark blue broadcloth material lined with scarlet wool for male officers and SNCOs or an optional dress cape of dark blue polyester-wool tropical material lined with scarlet satin rayon cloth for female officers and SNCOs. Staff noncommissioned officers wear a double-breasted evening dress uniform similar to that of navy officers, with high waist dress blue trousers with blood stripe , scarlet cummerbund, and black bow tie.

The jacket is cut so as to have no overlap, but with the sides clasped together. The grade chevrons are in the style of the s, larger than other USMC enlisted grade chevrons, worn on each sleeve of the jacket. A white cummerbund with a white bow tie is authorized for white tie events for SNCO's. A summer white mess dress see link for pictures of the obsolete uniforms , similar in design to U. Coast Guard uniforms, but with shoulder epaulettes instead of rank boards, was worn until the mids when it was phased out.

When an invitation reads Black Tie, Black Tie Optional, Evening Wear or Dinner Jacket, that means you wear a tuxedo. Traditionally that means a black or midnight blue tuxedo, and to help you look your best in a tuxedo, we created a 60+ page Tuxedo & Black Tie Guide and Video. Tailored from a soft velvet in a dark green and blue plaid pattern, this dinner jacket is ideal for special occasions. It features a satin notch lapel and satin details at the pockets% Clean Only. Either go with a Royal Blue dinner jacket with black lapels and black pants or keep the dinner jacket and go with dark blue pants. If you look at photos of the most stylish men you’ll see that the one thing that binds them all together is they all show restraint.

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